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Welcome! I'm Claire and I'm a Life Coach for People Pleasers

Break free from people pleasing to unlock inner peace, freedom to be yourself, authentic relationships and a life that feels good!

Are you a People Pleaser?

Take the quiz to find out!

Are you feeling resentment, exhaustion & a lack of fulfilment in your life & relationships?

Are you tired of continually putting others first & neglecting your own needs & desires?

Do you struggle with setting boundaries & feel guilty saying ‘no’?

Do you find it difficult to make decisions & overthink?

Do you avoid conflict, confrontation & dread criticism?

Are you constantly over-explaining, overextending yourself & overcommitting?

Do you struggle to communicate your needs, desires & opinions confidently?

Do you worry about what others think & fear rejection?

Do you have low self esteem & a reliance on external validation to feel worthy?

Imagine if you could....

Be free to be your true self & live authentically without fear of judgment.

Establish healthy boundaries & say no without guilt.

Make decisions with confidence & free yourself from overthinking.

Be your own best friend & prioritise your self care, needs & desires.

Cultivate unshakable self worth & confidence that comes from within.


Handle conflict, criticism & feedback effectively.

Effectively communicate your needs, desires, and opinions.

Live in alignment with your values & make choices that reflect your true desires.

Build genuine, balanced relationships where you feel seen, heard & respected.

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Ways to work with me


My name is Claire

I spent most of my life living in a cage, trapped by fear, expectations of who I should be & how I should live my life. Every action & every decision was based on gaining the approval of others. I thought pleasing everyone & being perfect would protect me from rejection, shame, embarrassment & other painful emotions.


Read more about my story and why I'm helping others break free from people pleasing. 

Ways to Work with Me

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'Free To Be Me'

1 to 1 or Group Programme

A 4 month signature coaching programme, following a proven 6 step framework. This can be delivered one to one or in a small group.

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Power Hour

If you're not quite ready to embark on a 4 month programme or you've already done it and need a boost, book a 60 minute powerful coaching session.

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Online Courses

Coming soon!



'I was facing issues with letting go of past, little self love and low self esteem. I felt not good enough, very sad, angry with myself and unable to forgive myself or my past experiences

I’ve learnt to listen to my inner child, really connected with her, I’m being my true authentic self, unashamedly. I’m unapologetic for being me and so happy to shine on the outside. I’m not worried about showing emotions or being vulnerable. I communicate my thoughts and feelings more openly too. I’m loving who and where I am right now in my life

I’ve met a lovely man who is kind, supportive and loves me just the way I am. My bond with my children has become stronger and I’m constantly grateful and present

I loved the programme. Claire is kind, intuitive, non-judgemental and very supportive. She is a powerful life coach who held my hand and guided me to face my demons and let them go once and for all. The program itself was like peeling layers I had built over my life time.

If you're considering doing the programme, don’t hesitate! You will not regret it and it will have a powerful and positive impact on you. If you are ready to change the way your life has been going, then find a way to make it happen!'


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