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Love Awakening Programme

The path to inner peace & relationships that feel good!

Find the authentic connection you've been longing for with yourself and others, without neglecting your needs or repeating the same unhealthy patterns


Let me show you something life changing!


You will go through my proven 6 step framework which will take you from....

Judging & criticising what you think, do or say as not good enough


Experiencing inner peace from knowing your worth & accepting yourself as you are

People pleasing, difficulty establishing boundaries & denying your own needs


Putting yourself first, establishing healthy boundaries & letting others be responsible for themselves.


Having difficulty identifying & sharing what you think, feel, want & need


Being connected to yourself and able to share what you think, feel, want & need.

Seeking praise, validation, approval & reassurance from others


Being your own best friend, validating, praising & caring for yourself.

Having difficulty making decisions & overthinking everything


Trusting yourself no matter what happens.

Worrying what other people think of you & fearing rejection


Being your true authentic self with others.

Experiencing unhealthy patterns in relationships


Experiencing healthy, fulfilling relationships.


My name is Claire

I'm passionate about helping people love themselves to experience inner peace and relationships with others that feel good.


I spent most of my life living in a cage, trapped by fear, expectations of who I should be & how I should live my life. I was trying to control the world around me from a place of fear, with perfectionism, overthinking, people pleasing, cautiousness & adaptability & it was disconnecting me from people.


I didn't know how to experience the connection I wanted with others without neglecting myself and repeating the same unhealthy patterns. The missing piece was my relationship with myself. I didn’t love & accept myself. I didn’t believe I was good enough or worthy of the relationship I desired. 


I've been on a journey which has led me to self love & acceptance. This has given me inner peace and improved my ability to give and receive love. I'm now my own best friend and have the freedom to be my true self. I'm able to connect with others on a deeper level and experience relationships that feel good.

Don’t wait as long as I did! Uncover your unhealthy patterns & fall in love with yourself now.


"Sounds great Claire but why are you the coach for me?"

My mission is to help incredible people like you experience inner peace and relationships that feel good.

Before joining this programme, here are a few things you should know about me:

I’m very honest and will say what needs to be said. You can count on me to tell you the truth and challenge your thinking to help you because that’s what you deserve.

I’m caring and supportive and will make sure your experience is the right balance of support and challenge.

I have the ability to see through what’s going on, so I can help you get to where you need to go quickly. People say when you look at me, I feel like you can read what’s going on inside me. Don’t let that scare you. I promise you’ll appreciate it.

I’ve been on the journey myself and understand what it’s like. You can only go as deep as the person coaching you has been and I’ve been there, so can really help you.

My clients have gone on to experience some pretty amazing things, including:

  • Getting married after starting the programme saying they wanted to live on a mountain and never be in a relationship ever again.

  • Dating after 14 years of being single.

  • Putting their needs first and experiencing hobbies they only dreamt of before.

  • Freedom to be their true authentic self

  • Inner peace from knowing their worth and embracing self compassion

How awesome would it be to have freedom, connection & the inner peace that comes from loving yourself?

Right now, I want you to imagine your life 6 months from now…

Imagine how your mornings would feel, being your own best friend, caring for yourself, knowing you’re enough and trusting yourself no matter what happens.

Picture yourself being your true authentic self with others, experiencing deep intimacy and connection without neglecting yourself.

All of this is possible for you – so let me help you get it.

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You'll find out exactly how to create the healthy, fulfilling relationship with yourself & others that you desire.

With the framework of this programme, you’ll be able to dive deep into your relationship with yourself and uncover the relational patterns that are keeping you from true connection and healthy relationships with others.

You will connect with yourself and accept all parts of you so you can show up as your true authentic self. Identify what you think, feel, want and need and remove the barriers that keep you from sharing this with others.

You will discover your armour that’s protecting you from true connection with others and learn how to protect yourself with healthy boundaries.

The Love Awakening programme will take you through the entire journey within a supportive group.

Here's Exactly What You’ll Get Inside The Love Awakening Group Programme

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Group Coaching


12 x 90 minute group coaching sessions with me, on Zoom, over a period of 4 months. Everyone will have an opportunity to be coached and you will also experience breakthroughs from watching others be coached. Coaching sessions are for 3 weeks and then you have a week for reflection.

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Love Awakening Online Programme

Access to the Love Awakening programme filled with exercises and tools to help you discover your patterns, connect with yourself, let go of the past and connect with others. You will work through the modules on your own and then bring what’s come up for you to the group coaching session so we can go deeper. You get to keep the programme when the group ends, so you can go back to it at any time.

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Voxer Group


Join the other participants in a group chat on Voxer. You can support each other and celebrate your wins. I will also be part of the group and offer some support between sessions

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a few others have to say:

'I was facing issues with letting go of past, little self love and low self esteem. I felt not good enough, very sad, angry with myself and unable to forgive myself or my past experiences

I’ve learnt to listen to my inner child, really connected with her, I’m being my true authentic self, unashamedly. I’m unapologetic for being me and so happy to shine on the outside. I’m not worried about showing emotions or being vulnerable. I communicate my thoughts and feelings more openly too. I’m loving who and where I am right now in my life

I’ve met a lovely man who is kind, supportive and loves me just the way I am. My bond with my children has become stronger and I’m constantly grateful and present

I loved the programme. Claire is kind, intuitive, non-judgemental and very supportive. She is a powerful life coach who held my hand and guided me to face my demons and let them go once and for all. The program itself was like peeling layers I had built over my life time.

If you're considering doing the programme, don’t hesitate! You will not regret it and it will have a powerful and positive impact on you. If you are ready to change the way your life has been going, then find a way to make it happen!'


Love Awakening Programme

A 6 step programme over 4 month programme with 12 modules

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Step 1 - Get Clear on What you Want

Uncover what you truly desire and how you want to feel in your relationship with yourself and others. Getting clarity will help you see what you want without any limitations and it will also start to identify what might be getting in the way of you achieving your desires.

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Step 2 - Identifying & Transform Patterns & Beliefs

Identify & transform your limiting beliefs & unhealthy relational patterns that are holding you back. Beliefs become our programming and impact on our actions & therefore what we are able to achieve. We are not always aware of them but they are driving our everyday life & our relationships with ourselves and others. If we aren’t aware of them we can’t change them. We will transform the beliefs using a variety of exercises and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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Step 3 - Connect With Yourself

Time to go inwards & connect with your inner self, helping you identify & heal wounds from childhood & re-parent the child within you with love, nurturing & support. You will become more compassionate, kind & caring with yourself. You’ll also identify & integrate all parts of yourself in order to achieve acceptance & unconditional love from you. Through accepting & integrating all parts of us, we are able to be our authentic selves rather than the role we have created.

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Step 4 - Let Go of the Past

Let go of negative energy from the past, that’s weighing you down & impacting how you feel about yourself & others. We often hold onto hurt, rejection, sadness, anger & resentment which affects us & the way we perceive others. It’s about freeing yourself from it so you can move forward.

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Step 5 - Connect with Others

Identify the armour you use to protect yourself from feeling vulnerable, create new understanding & identify ways you can remove your armour. We can only connect with others deeply if we let ourselves be seen & experience vulnerability. Identify your values & what it feels like when these are violated. We will also identify where & how to communicate your needs & set healthy boundaries with others.

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Step 6 - Take Inspired Action

Revisit your vision, free from anything holding you back & design the action steps you want to take moving forward.

“Sounds great, but what’s the investment?”

A healthy, fulfilling relationship with yourself and others is priceless and the foundation for everything in life.

So really the question should be, how much is the freedom, inner peace and connection with yourself and others that comes with loving yourself, worth to you?

You can get all of this for the investment of £747 for 4 months but If you join by midnight on the 1st May, you’ll get a £50 discount.

So, today, you can enrol for only…



(Payment plans are available!)



Don’t wait as long as I did! Take the first step in choosing YOURSELF now. You deserve it!

Wait… there's bonuses too?! 

Join by midnight on the 1st May & as well as a £50 discount, you’ll get…

‘I am Enough’ guided meditation

(value: £47)

And for the BIG REVEAL… the Pay in Full bonus is...

A 60 minute one to one session with me!

(value: £80)

This is the programme I wish I’d had earlier, when I was my own worst enemy & struggled in relationships with others.

It would have saved me from countless days worrying about whether I was good enough, neglecting my own needs and repeating the same unhealthy patterns in relationship with others.

If All This Programme Did for You Was...

1. Finally help you be nice to yourself, put yourself first and establish healthy boundaries… would it be worth it?

2. Give you the freedom to be your true authentic self with others and experience healthy, fulfilling relationships… would it be worth it?

3. Give you connection to what you think, feel, want and need and the ability to share it… would it be worth it?


If your answer is….. of course it would then say I’m in!


Got questions I haven’t answered?


Is this programme for me? Why should I join?

The only person who can know that for sure is you – but if you have a little voice whispering do it, then listen to it. Our intuition and inner knowing guides us to what we need, if only we listen to it. Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone will never feel comfortable, but it’s the only way we can make change happen.


How much personal attention will I get?

You will get an opportunity to be coached by me on the group coaching calls each session. If you are looking for more one to one support, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and add 4 x 60 minute one to one sessions to the programme. If you want full one to one support then consider joining my Love Awakening one to one programme.


How do payment plans work?

Choose the best plan for your budget and you will be charged per month until the end of the plan. The plans with the £50 discount for joining by the deadline are:

4 months £187 per month (£748)

6 months £137 per month (£822)

9 months £97 per month (£873)

These will all increase by £50 after the deadline.

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